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Future of Work coach

Work better, live better - by Simon Holmes

Quit the 9-5, not your job

Can you really have it all? Yes, you can!

  • Keep your current job

  • Enjoy your current job more

  • Spend more time with loved ones

  • Be more in control of your own time

  • Be socially connected, in and out of work

  • Be more motivated, energetic, and engaged

  • Spend more time on more meaningful, impactful work

Sounds great! How?

I'm Simon Holmes. My mission is to help remote workers get more out of their working lives, reducing stress, and increasing happiness.

"This guy is on a mission"
Robert LoCascio, Founder & CEO, LivePerson.

I do this through the Future of Work lens. The current systems of knowledge work do not set us up for individual success. They barely set us up for organisational success. And yet we all abide by these systems.Why? Because it's what we've been trained to do.I can help you break out of this training and find ways to get your work working for you. Most of us aren't in the wrong career or the wrong company. Most of us are just approaching work all wrong.

“You are always willing to help others.
So thankful we get to work together!”

Dhoreena Ventura, Product Marketing & DEI, LivePerson.

Why me?

  • I have spent hundreds of hours looking at the Future of Work from both the employee and employer perspectives.

  • I know first-hand that institutionalised burnout is no fun! This doesn't have to be inevitable, there is a better way.

  • I have developed a framework of Future of Work best practices that are easy to adopt for individuals, teams, or even organisations.

  • I have a long history of looking for - and finding - better ways of doing things.

  • I have a track record of empowering others through my servant leadership approach, mentoring and coaching my teams for over a decade.

“I always thought your leadership style was exceptional”
Nhi Nguyen, L&D Director, LivePerson.


The Future of Work has the potential to spark a huge positive change in how you work - and how you live - forever. Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter if you're interested in learning how to quit the 9-5 without quitting your job.

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